MileLogr is Like A Time Machine

15 Feb

We had some website copy that said “Get your mileage log for 2012”.

A potential customer sent us an email saying “I noticed a typo on your website. It says ‘2012’, but it is now 2013.”

This reminded us that one of the things that makes MileLogr so powerful is sometimes hard to understand:

MileLogr can go back in time and create mileage logs for time periods in the past!

It is like a time machine.

As long as you used your calendar in the past for most of your appointments, MileLogr can read your calendar entries (they are still there!) and generate a mileage log for the trips you took!

So it is not a typo. We really do mean “Use MileLogr to generate your 2012 mileage log even though it is currently 2013.”

Give it a try at


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