MileLogr Reviewed In The NY Times

19 Feb

Nick Wingfield, has written a nice review of MileLogr for the New York Times.

…a lot of people have to take the deduction for car mileage themselves because their employers do not provide reimbursement. And they may be interested in a new Web service, MileLogr, which is designed to make logging of business trips in personal vehicles more  automated and easier.

We’re grateful Nick was able to experience MileLogr’s intelligence at figuring out where you drove from your calendar appointments:

…it had the smarts to calculate the length of a trip even if I didn’t give it an address. For example, I set up a recurring weekly meeting at Microsoft, without supplying the company’s location in Redmond, Wash., about 20 miles from where I live in Seattle. It figured out on its own where Microsoft was located by doing a search of online mapping services. (The chief executive of BizLogr, the company behind MileLogr, is Charlie Kindel, a former longer time Microsoft manager and a respected blogger on technology.)

You can try MileLogr today, for free, at


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