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Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t MileLogr showing all my calendar appointments?

MileLogr automatically excludes “all-day” events because most are birthdays and holidays and so, irrelevant from a business deductibility perspective. If you have all day events that were actually proper business errands or meetings, give them a start and end time in your calendar, then return to MileLogr and use the Update Calendar option on the Setup page to bring in the latest version of the calendar events.

Also, if you use Google Calendar, by default MileLogr retrieves events only from your main calendar. If your business appointments span multiple calendars in Google Calendar, go to the Settings page (from the top right menu) and select all the calendars you want MileLogr to pull events from and then click Update Calendar to bring in the additional calendar events.


How do I set or adjust the location for a calendar appointment?

If you haven’t set a location for your calendar appointments or if the location is a generic designation like “bank” which MileLogr can’t automatically pinpoint, use the location field underneath the map to enter the correct business name or address, like this:


When you do so MileLogr will remember that adjustment and next time it encounters “bank” it will offer you the choice to pick that location on the map so you don’t have to retype the address.

Why can’t I generate a mileage report ?

The report creates routes between your start/return address and the locations of those business appointments that you consider deductible. In order for a report to be generated there are two prerequisites:

  1. You have to enter your start/return address in the Setup page
  2. At least one appointment has to be set as deductible and has to have its location correctly determined.

MileLogr is slow when I review calendar appointments. Can you make it faster?

Behind the scenes MileLogr uses 3rd party mapping and direction services to determine location and driving routes for your business appointments. Sometimes those services take a few seconds to make their calculations. But you don’t have to wait! As soon as you clicked Yes or No to indicate that an appointment is deductible you can move on to the next one. As you do that you’ll see multiple spinning progress indicators like this:


When you finished reviewing a particular month, take a break until all those spinning progress indicators are gone and if necessary go back and make adjustments to those appointments where MileLogr wasn’t able to automatically determine the location.


MileLogr not physically changing, altering, or deleting appointments in my calendar, correct?

Correct, we are not altering the data in your actual calendar. MileLogr’s Calendars is a copy of the appointments your actual calendar.


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